Updates + Thoughts

Update #1: I’m back at work this week since dance classes have started, and I start school again in two weeks. This means there is a potential (highly probable) slow down of content on this blog as I adapt to a new, busier schedule. I am hoping to be able to update at least a couple of times a week! But my internet time is not a priority during the school year, so we’ll see how it goes.

Update #2: I’m almost finished with re-reading Aradia, Gospel of the Witches. And that means I’m almost done with the blog posts! I’ve got one set for this Friday (chapters 12 & 13) and one for next Friday (chapter 14) so all I have left is chapter 15, the last chapter! Once I write it, I’ll set it for Friday September 26th. Then there may be a week or two with no reading + re-reading posts, but they’ll pick up again in October with the…Otherfaith mythology!

This is something that I am actually really excited about, because it’s a project I started on last December, working my way through the myths in a more attentive, methodical manner, but never finished. I’ve read most (probably all?) of these stories at least once–many of them quite a few times, and I’ve definitely got my personal favorites. I’m not yet sure which stories I’ll be starting with…I may just work alphabetically down the list? But a lot of my favorites would be at the bottom…well, I’ll figure something out. I just wanted to give readers a heads up on this next reading + re-reading project.

And now some thoughts…

I’m excited about school. Not excited for the approximately $300 I’ll be dropping for my textbooks & parking permit, but it could be worse. I’m also a little bit nervous about my math classes…I’ve never taken an upper division math class before, so I’m hoping I’ll do well! I may be doing a couple of spells next week & saying extra prayers to help with success during school.

I’ve just realized that I may be doing simultaneous reading + re-reading posts? Because I’ve got so many new mythology books and I’ll want to do posts on them, so I may have a mixture of those posts. The Otherfaith ones will be my priority, though.

Fall officially starts in less than two weeks so I think I’ll try to write up my ritual soon. This is kind of an important ritual for me in my personal practices because it’s the end of a promised period of devotion to the Goddess & God. I can’t say yet whether I’ll continue devotion to them or not, but I’m weighing my options and carefully considering it. I’ll do a few tarot readings on the matter, spend some time in meditation. Regardless, it’s not going to be a definite decision, nothing permanent. The three months of devotion were an experiment for me–to see if I could do something like that–and a good way to honor these gods. I’ve…done okay. Maybe not enough. We’ll have to talk it out during the ritual, and I won’t lie and claim to be some perfect devotee. No, I’m far from ideal–but I do try.

And I’ve also been thinking of growing a small winter garden? Cover crops & such things, nothing much. I’m often told conflicting things about winter crops, though. Some people say to grow root vegetables during winter, other people tell me that things like spinach, lettuce, and broccoli are for winter, so I’m really not sure? And my beloved Western Garden Book generally covers the main growing season in Spring & Summer, so it’s not a lot of help for winter gardening. But I’ll do some searching on the internet to see what I can find, and I’m sure I can figure some stuff out on my own. My part of California has got a pretty temperate climate and we don’t get a lot of deep freezes during winter, so I think I can probably keep some plants alive.

I’ve realized that most of the time I spend online is spent on the pagan blogosphere, as they say. I go on my pagan tumblr (I have a separate fandom tumblr & an art tumblr but I barely go on them anymore…maybe I should? Too much time among tumblr pagans may not be good for me), then I check Patheos Pagan, read the Wild Hunt post of the day, check various other pagan blogs that I read (links to some are on the right side of the blog), and now I’ll be checking Polytheist.com for updates. Uh. Oops?

Spinning is going well! The wool I’m currently working with (Coopworth roving) is really fluffy and fun, but kind of hard to spin evenly. It’s also has a strong wool smell so sometimes I walk into my room and it’s like SHEEP but in a good way? Once I finish the Coopworth, I’ve got the rest of my Domestic wool top–soft, lovely, and easy to spin–and then I’ll have to look for some new wool! And also start making a plan for dyeing all this yarn, and get a box to store it in. I think I’m going to start looking into hand-dyed batts and top because there’s some really lovely stuff out there. I found a bunch of nice, well-priced stuff on etsy that I’m probably going to buy, because then I can have pretty yarn that I can immediately use for something!

I’m feeling poetic inspirations starting to stir up inside of me again, but I haven’t written anything yet. But I will. Soon. As I start moving into a regular devotional schedule I think the great inspiration will come again.

Hmm…that’s a lot of thoughts for now, so I’ll end it here!

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