the sea.

the day you first set eyes on the sea was the day you were born,
walking out from that space where River met Ocean,
and you knew, always, that the sea would be a love like you would never knew again.

Even before her, it was the sea that were always chasing.

Chasing waves, chasing the horizon, chasing the exhilaration and pure ecstasy of being on the ocean, on a boat, with only the sun and the water for company, nothing to do but live.

Salt in your hair, skin kissed by the sun, eyes like mirrors–the sea was in you, always, in your blue eyes that were the sky and the waters and light glimmering off of them–and you always ran into her, into the sea, because what else could you do?

The sea was freedom,
pure, uncontrollable, wild freedom,
and you laughed when the waves were violent and angry in a storm because this was life, this was you,
this was everything,
this was your love.

And when she was gone–when she had become the sea–you loved it even more, because it was everything it had been and everything she had been, her spirit mingling with the indescribable spirit of the sea that you had always known and loved.

You had spent your life chasing life on the sea,
your days under cloudless sun,
your nights staring at the starry vastness,
always going farther and further and going to the beyond,
but now you sat quietly at the edge, letting the waves brush your toes like her hair had brushed over your body,
hearing her voice in the constant flow,
and you didn’t have to run anymore,
and there was nothing left to chase.

You loved the sea and you had always known it.
You loved her and she had gone into the sea.

Your love for the sea was like no love you would ever know again, because it was the infinite combination of two of your greatest loves.

For Dahlia, Corliss, and the sea.

A poetic interpretation of one side of that story. Exploring a bit before, and a bit after, and blending emotions together.

I was in my kitchen drinking a glass of water when inspiration for this suddenly hit me and I had to dash back to my room to type it out before I forgot those first few lines. Then the rest of it fell out of me and it was wonderful. I let it sit for a few days while I contemplated whether or not it was good enough to post, but I really like it, so I’m posting it.


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